You walk down the path the sign said was "The Big Oak Tree". Alyn guides you down the trail. You continue to walk a while without seeing any oak trees and you begin to wonder if Alyn is lost. The path takes you down a steep hill and then you finally see the big oak tree. It is the largest tree you have ever seen; not only in height but in width. The tree is right next to the brook you heard earlyer. Beneth the tree and surrounding the path is a beautiful garden of giant flowers. Blue and pink morning glories that have blossoms the size of your fist creep up the oak tree. Lilly of the vally flowers with flowers the size of quarters surround the bottom of the oak tree. A green Clarus dragon leaps excitedly from behind the tree.

*Hi, I'm Zikomo!* you hear a voice in your head. "Zikomo is talking to you telepathicly." explains Alyn. *I don't get visitors too often!* exclaims Zikomo. You watch a large purple butterfly land gracefully on a basketball-sized rose. *Do you like my garden? I grew it myself!* Zikomo looks proud. "Zikomo's magical specialty is Aasu which is earth magic. Zikomo can grow large gardens and can create earthquakes." says Alyn. *I am be a creature of mass destruction! Fear Me!* Zikomo jokes. Alyn giggles. Zikomo jumps excitedly behind the tree. *I want to show you something!* You follow him behind the tree. A green orb rests on a blue velvet pillow. The pillow is sitting on a birch stump.

*This is the Viator Terra. It's my Coming of Age gift! All Clarus Dragons get them when they grow up. It helps me control my magical powers.* The green sphere glimmers in the sunlight that leaked through the forest canopy. "Zikomo came from Veniam Mactare. You should go there if you want your own Clarus Dragon." says Alyn. You notice a small sign carved into the oak tree.
Magical Specialty
Coming of Age Gift
Viator Terra


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